how to: create a great CV

When nursery practitioners are required to have similar qualifications and work experience to get a job in the first place, it’s hard to make your CV stand out. Here are some best practice guidelines to follow so that you’re presenting your skills in the best possible way to potential employers.


Contact details

Make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch with you. Ensure that your mobile (preferably) phone number, email address and correspondence address are quick to find on your CV.


Personal statement

Do sum up your experience and skills level in a couple of simple sentences (no more than five) at the top of your CV. Think about making it easy for the reader to understand why you are perfect for a particular role. Include aspects such as:

  • Your level of qualification (Level 3, Level 2, etc.)
  • Hard and soft skills/experience, e.g. autism, SEN, strong childcare and play skills, etc.
  • The type of role and setting.



Can you start immediately? Or how much notice do you need to give? Do you work part time? If so, on what days are you available?


Employment history

Put your work experience in chronological order, with the most recent first. Include dates, setting name and your job title. Then go into more detail about your role and responsibilities. Do include any voluntary experience and explanations for any gaps in your work history, e.g. pregnancy and raising your child, travelling, etc.



List your professional and academic qualifications plus any short courses you’ve been on, e.g. First Aid certificate, etc. Mention any professional memberships and awards too.



Starting with the most recent and working back, give dates, name of college or school, and list any qualifications, e.g. GCSE with grades.


Key skills

This is your opportunity to tell prospective employers more about the type of person you are by giving more info about your soft skills. Practical and unflappable? Pop it here. Fantastic team player? This is the spot.



You just need to put a standard line here about them being available upon request. If they’re interested, they’ll ask to see them.


Good luck in your search! We hope you’ll be happy in your new job.