Pom Pom Pinecones

1 December 2019

These colourful Pom Pom Pinecones are so fun and bright. The children in your setting will love making them as ornaments for the holiday period or colourful pinecone mobiles for every season. They’re a great way to connect kids with nature too.


  • – Pinecones
  • – Mini pom poms
  • – Coloured twine
  • – Glue


  • – Cut a length of coloured twine and glue the ends to the base of the pinecone to make a loop for hanging the pinecone up with.
  • – Fill the gaps in the pinecone with mini pom poms
  • – If you want to you can glue the pom poms into place.
  • – Hang them up on display.

  Learning Opportunities This is a great opportunity to encourage young children to colour sort and name the colours they’re choosing. Why not count your pom poms too for some simple maths work?